Motogadget digitalt blinkersrelä mo.wave
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Artnr: JP-208007
Artikelnamn: Motogadget digitalt blinkersrelä mo.wave
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Motogadget digitalt blinkersrelä mo.wave


Motogadget digitalt blinkersrelä mo.wave

Blinkersrelä LED till MC från motogadget

The mo.wave is the first digital flasher relay with fade in/fade out effect. And additionally extremely small and load-independent.

It lets every flashing light fade in and out softly - even LED flashers! A new style and look when flashing - cool design for the flashing light.

Hard-switching flashing lights, especially LED flashing lights go on and off stupidly and boringly - with the mo.wave you can make the flashing lights shine like waves. A totally new look of flashing light - ultra small and light, practically just a piece of cable with a tiny candy sized device. Ideal for any type of converted and styled motorcycle or car to attract more attention.

housing L x W x H: 18 mm x 13 mm x 9.5 mm
length of connecting cable: approx. 2 x 50 mm
weight: approx. 4 g

- Unique fade-in/fade-out effect
- Ultra small and light, practically only one piece of cable with a tiny device in candy size
- Ideal for custom bikes and conversions with limited space - bulky standard flasher relays or load resistors are a thing of the past
- Installation for example in the car or on the street is a thing of the past
- The cable can be installed in a small spacee.g. in the handlebar tube, frame tube or cable harness possible
- Almost load-independent (min. 1 watt)
- Works completely with digital semiconductor technology Control via microprocessor. No mechanics, no coils, no contacts
- Always constant and correct flashing frequency therefore suitable for almost all LED indicators, all micro indicators, halogen indicators, 10 Watt indicators, 21 Watt indicators
- Works e.g. with 4 flashing lights or 2 handlebar end flashers
- Immediate, loss-free, brighter illumination of the flashers
- Super simple connection only via two cables - simply connect in series
- Absolutely waterproof and vibration resistant because completely encapsulated
- Short-circuit proof, automatic overload protection. Switches up to 100 watts of power.
- no heat development during operation
- operating voltage already from 5V to 18V
- also suitable for 6V flashers
- quality 'made in Germany' - from motogadget

The easiest way to install the mo.wave is to find the original relay and simply replace it with the mo.wave.
The mo.wave can NOT replace the push button control when using push button taps. See product mo.relay+ if you are looking for a flasher relay for push buttons.
On newer models from Harley-Davidson? the flasher control is controlled by a special module (TSM/TSSM). The mo.wave can unfortunately NOT replace or supplement these modules.
If you are looking for a flasher relay with automatic switch-off, please see mo.stop.


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