Motogadget digitalt blinkersrelä mo.Relay+
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Artnr: JP-208008
Artikelnamn: Motogadget digitalt blinkersrelä mo.Relay+
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Motogadget digitalt blinkersrelä mo.Relay+


Motogadget digitalt blinkersrelä mo.Relay+

Blinkersrelä LED till MC från motogadget

The new flasher relay mo.Relay+ from motogadget- It's the PLUS that counts!

The mo.Relay+ from motogadget is a sensible combination of a load independent digital flasher relay and an electronic push button control. Depending on the duration of operation of the respective indicator button, 4 modes can be called up:
a) Lane change: Briefly press the button - 3 flashes, then automatic switch-off.
b) Turning: Press the button briefly - 10 flashes, then automatic switch-off.
c) Continuous flashing: press the button for a longer time - Switch off by pressing a button again.
d) In addition, the mo.Relay+ has a warning flashing function when both buttons are pressed simultaneously.

The mo.Relay+ is load independent (1-100W) and can supply nearly all possible LED indicators, micro indicators, halogen indicators, 10W or 21 Watt incandescent lamps with a constant flashing frequency. An immediate, lossless and brighter glow of the indicators is a result of the effective microelectronics.

The small and light aluminium housing is black anodized and has a practical M3 mounting thread. Flying installation with cable ties is also possible. Ideal for conversions and custom bikes with little space. The electronics are absolutely waterproof, vibration resistant and have overload protection.

Advantages at a glance:
- very small and light
- easy to mount
- ideal for custom bikes and conversions with limited space - bulky standard flasher relays become superfluous
- no additional push-button control necessary
- relay almost load-independent (min. 1 Watt)
- always constant and correct flashing frequency, therefore suitable for almost all flashers
- immediate, lossless, brighter flashing of the flashers
- absolutely waterproof
- automatic overload protection
- no heat development during operation
- operating voltage from 5V to 18V
- also suitable for 6V flashers
- quality made in Germany - from motogadget

Diameter without cable 19 mm
Height 19mm

Scope of supply: mo.Relay+, Installation Guide.


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