BMW K75 K100 K1100 Swingarm / Pro-link Suspension Kit
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Artikelnamn: BMW K75 K100 K1100 Swingarm / Pro-link Suspension Kit
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BMW K75 K100 K1100 Swingarm / Pro-link Suspension Kit


BMW K75/100/1100 Swingarm / Pro-link Suspension Kit.

This is the one and only kit that has been optimised and stress-tested.

We didn't just choose "some aluminium" for the system, but we invested in very nice 7075 aluminium which is a short machining alloy with a very high strength. The alloy has a low corrosion resistance and a low level of weldability and anodizability. The cream of the crop for this kind of applications! Also known as aviation aluminium!

We have it available with a unique YSS shock, which is especially made for this kit. Beware that shocks that are not designed for the precise purpose could stop working in an instant, because they have never been made for laying down!

It has it's gas separated by a separation-piston, so the oil and gas will not mix, this is very important if you want to use the shock in a horizontal position!

Adjustable: spring preload and rebound adjustable (by turning the black knob on the bottom, the rebound is adjusted and takes the compression with it)
Length center/center boltholes: 305MM (not length adjustable)
Top mounting (front) : 12x22MM
Bottom mounting (rear) : Fork 30MM wide with bolthole 12MM.
Aluminium parts: black anodised
Spring: mat black
Sticker: YSS custom built in chrome/black

TÜV: ALL YSS products are approved by the German TÜV on safety.
ABE: For the German and Swiss market > this shock has NO ABE!
(we will not provide any form of documents, these are custom shocks for a custom, non ABE approved system)

WARNING: please do NOT use a normal emulsion shock as the Bandit shock YSS MZ366 or MZ456 in a horizontal position!! The damping system will not function. The gas needs to be separated from the oil, this can only be done by using a reservoir or a separation piston. YSS will not take any responsability or product responsabilty if you use our products in a wrong way.

This is NOT the Retrorides / Retro-Rides Kit


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