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    Daytona Velona Hastighetsmätare 200km/h med varvräknare


    Hastighetsmätare och varvräknare till Cafe Racer


    The speedometer can be connected to OEM speed sensor (if available). The signals by almost all current motorcycles can be converted.

    If the motorcycle can not provide a digital signal an active universal speed sensor or a speed pulse converter as well as an induction wire set for determining the speed can be ordered as an option.

    Also available is an converter for mounting on the original speedometer-drive of various motorcycle manufacturers.

    By assembling the converter, the speed signal of the speedometer-drive / shaft is converted into a digital signal.

    • 80mm matte black body made from stainless-steel
    • SPEED & RPM in one gauge
    • LCD readout with multiple functions
    • Ability to connect to OEM speed sensor, if the vehicle is equipped with an electrical speed sensor
    • V-shaped bracket is included in the kit
    • simple operation by two buttons on the back
    (Optionally available a 2-button remote control can be mounted on the handlebar)
    • works with 9-16V

    • km/h or MPH selectable
    • Odometer(Not resettable): 0.0-99,999.9km(mile) (display analogue)
    • Dual Trip Meter(resettable): 0.0-99,999.9km(mile)
    • RPM Meter: 0-20,000rpm (display didital)
    • Voltmeter: 0.0-18.0V
    • Max. speed memory and recall
    • Max. rpm memory and recall
    • Shift-up warning can be set
    • PPR setting selectable from 1P-1r/1P-2r/2P-1r/30P-1r
    • Power DC9-16 (regular 12V)

    Optional accessory:
    • Activ speed sensor universal, part-no. 361-555
    • Speed pulse converter, part-no. 361-569
    • Induction wire set, part-no. 361-550
    • 2-Button remote switch, part-no. 240-065 (black), 240-066 (chrome)


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