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Artnr: JP-360363
Artikelnamn: Digital multifunction cockpit
3518 kr

Digital multifunction cockpit


Digital multifunction cockpit

With German ABE
For ATV and motorcycles that process the digital signals in the original instrument, 12 V DC. With active sensor
For circumference at least 300 mm to a maximum of 2500 mm
Dimensions: 45.5 x 26.5 x 9.9 mm, weight: 22 g

Switchable from kph to mls
Speed up to 360 kph
Speedometer to 16000 rev/min (range adjustable on 8000/12000/16000)
KM Odometer, Trip A + B, time
Water + oil temperature with alarm (°C and °F)
Fuel gauge (adjustable 100/250/510/1200 ohms)
Outside temperature display


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