FEHLING M-handlebar, 7/8 inch, 61cm
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Artnr: JP-150530
Artikelnamn: FEHLING M-handlebar, 7/8 inch, 61cm
858 kr

FEHLING M-handlebar, 7/8 inch, 61cm


Fehling M-handlebar, 7/8 inch, 61cm

M handlebars of the premium brand FEHLING

High-quality handlebars, top workmanship. The optimised seating position, coupled with good steering behaviour, whether on high speed motorways or on twisty roads, ensure high driving pleasure and good machine guidance.

Colour: Black or Chrome

a Width: 610 mm
b Height: 85 mm
c Depth: 200 mm
d Height of lower edge of handlebar end: 145mm
e Clamping range: 290 mm

Tube Ø: 7/8 inch (22 mm)

Expert opinion: Part certificate according to § 19 Abs. 3
identification: YAL2

scope of supply: 1 piece

Accessories handlebars are supplied without holes for locking the switch units, as these are positioned differently depending on the motorcycle model.
Drilling the handlebars is permitted. To do this, align the new handlebar with the vehicle. Now mount the switch units to the sample and note the freedom of movement to the tank with full steering angle. We recommend to use the drilling template for a good result.


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