H4 Headlight Module - Battery Saver / Safe Start
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Artikelnamn: H4 Headlight Module - Battery Saver / Safe Start
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H4 Headlight Module - Battery Saver / Safe Start


H4 Headlight Module - Battery Saver / Safe Start

Plug and play headlight module - Fits inside the stock headlight bucket allowing you to turn the ignition of your bike on without having to have the headlight come on as well.  Meaning that you no longer have to suffer the battery drain before you have the engine started.

Fitting this module can make the difference between riding home or having to call a recovery vehicle.   This is especially true on the 2009-2016 EFI bikes where a slight drop in voltage (0.1v below threshold) will not allow you to start the bike thanks to the can-bus system.

The module is super simple to fit, it plugs in between the loom and the headlight using the standard H4 connectors.   Take about 5 minutes to plug it in.

When you actually do want to turn on the headlight all you need do is flip the full beams on and off.  The headlight will then remain on until you stop the bike and turn the ignition off.

Note that the small parking light is not effected in anyway by this module and remains functional as per normal.

Suitable for any bike with H4 headlights specifically here the Triumph Twin range from 2001-2016.


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