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motogadget motoscope classic rev counter -14.000 RPM



The motoscope classic from motogadget is a digital multi-purpose instrument with a classic round casing. A white dial and a red indicator driven by a precision stepper motor comprise the analogue rev counter. The LC display and four indicator LEDs display the numerous features exactly and reliably.

The design goes well with every type of mod or original machine - regardless if real classic, youngtimer, custom or sports bike. The motoscope classic is equally suited for sports or kit cars. High end materials, assembly by hand and our scrupulous quality control provide the highest possible quality in functionality and looks.

The casing:
The high quality aluminium casing is turned and machined from the block with CNC technology. The surface is brushed first and later anodized in black or natural aluminium. The casing is 100% water-tight. The viewing glass is made from scratch-proof special plastic. The widely used 80-mm-dimensions allow for easy replacement of the original instruments.

Analogue dial with indicator and the LC display:
The readability of the engine speed is optimal due to the red indicator on the white dial. The innovative, completely illuminated background surface is used to the fullest possible extend. A precise and vibration free rev counter display by the stepper motor driven indicator is achieved by a fully adjustable gear ratio and a dampened indicator. The LC display stays readable and illuminated even if in direct sunlight. Four ultra bright indicator LEDs complete the instrument. The red LED acts as warning light when reaching the set threshold for rpm, temperatures (min./max.), pressure readings (min./max.), vehicle voltage and the oil pressure switch or similar connected transmitting devices. Different warnings are easily distinguished by different blinking patterns or continuous lighting.

Display pages of the LCD display are swapped via the menu and headlight flasher push-buttons. The first line always indicates speed. Additional measurements can be displayed if needed by pushing a button. Default settings or saved values will of course be preserved in the memory even if the power is cut.

The widely used mounting diameter provides adaptivity to many vehicle platforms. We provide for optional mounting hardware. Refer to Mounting.

Sensors and connection:
The connector cable is approx. 55 cm long and the connectors are already pre-installed on the instrument side. Matching counter parts for the vehicle side are included. The engine speed measurement input is easily connected to the ignition coil or ignition box. The included stainless steel speedometer sensor is small (M5/22 mm) and effortlessly connected to the front or rear wheel by the 1.5 m connector cable. We provide appropriate sensors for optimal measurements of air, oil and water temperature as well as oil pressure (refer to Accessories).

A technically identical instrument with a black dial (refer to Chronoclassic) or configured as analogue speedometer (refer to analogue speedometer series CLASSIC) is also available.

Specifications and Features:
Mounting diameter: 80 mm
Total diameter (bezel): 85 mm
Depth without cable fitting: 34 mm
Weight: approx. 230 g
Mount: 3 x M4 threaded hole
Power consumption, operating: approx. 200 mA (load dependent)
Power consumption, standby: 0 mA
Operating voltage: 9 V - 18 V
Operating temperature: -20 +80 °C

Rev counter (analogue/indicator) = 0 – 14 krpm
Speedometer (LCD) = 0 – 350 km/h or mi/h
Trip meter = 999 km or mi max.
Total distance (adjustable) = 250000 km or mi max.
Journey time display = 0 – 99:99:99 h/min/s
Rev counter (on LCD) = 0 – 20000 rpm
rpm threshold warning, adjustable (int. LED and ext. gear shift flash) = 0 – 20000 rpm
On-board voltage display = 9 V – 18 V
NEW! Low voltage warning = LED blinks if on-board voltage drops below approx. 11 V - replacement for battery charge status light
Air temperature* (optional instead of water temp.) = -20 - 80 °C / -4 - 176 °F with high-/low warning
Water temperature* (optional instead of air temp.) = 40 - 120 °C / 104 - 248 °F with high-/low warning
Oil temperature* = 40 - 160 °C / 104 - 320 °F with high-/low warning
Oil pressure* = 0 - 8 bar / 0 - 116 psi with high-/low warning
Timekeeping = 0 - 100 km/h or 0 - 60 mi/h 0.0 – 99.9 s
Current acceleration = (-20.0) – 20.0 m/s2
Average speed = 0 – 350 km/h or mi/h
Max. speed = 0 – 350 km/h or mi/h
Max. rpm = 0 – 20000 rpm
Max. positive acceleration = 0 – 20.0 m/s2
Max. negative acceleration = 0 – (-20.0) m/s2
Gear indicator = N, gear 1 - 6
Green indicator LED = Neutral (N)
Yellow indicator LED = Turn signal left, right
Blue indicator LED = High beam
Red indicator LED = Different warning features external (e. g. oil pressure switch), internal (rpm, temperature, pressure, voltage)
Output external gear shift flash light = Switched power 1.4 A max

Delivery contents:
Instrument with approx. 55 cm connector cable
complete wiring
speedometer sensor (M5) with 150 cm connector cable
2x magnet
mini push-button
3x M4 screw (VA)
detailed installation and operating instructions

Please note:
That temperature and pressure sensors have to be ordered separately.

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