BMW Progressive Hagon Shocks 420MM
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Artikelnamn: Progressive Shocks 420MM (> 90kg)
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Progressive Shocks 420MM (> 90kg)


BMW Progressive Hagon Shocks 420MM 

Progressive Hagon Shocks. They have made a new type of shock of 42 cm especially for the BOBBERS.

Because these are specially developed for the bobbers, the angle is included in the production and this results in a comfortable yet good roadholding.

This is a shock with 1 spring and a stroke of 80 mm. With the extra long Retainers the battle can also be reduced.

Spring preload adjustable in 3 positions (key included) and the damping works progressively, i.e. it reacts to the speed of the damper bar. This is a unique patented system from Hagon and certainly a big upgrade of your Cafe Racer suspension!

Fill in all fields correctly and you will receive the right shock absorbers to your liking!

This set is for drivers till 90kg body weight. We also have a bobber type with stronger springs! (13-0036)


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