Proton 2 Blinkers/Bakljus till MC
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Artnr: JP-254540
Artikelnamn: Proton 2 Blinkers/Bakljus
1438 kr

Proton 2 Blinkers/Bakljus


Proton Two - Blinkers, Broms- och Bakljus till MC 

HIGHSIDER 3in1 LED rear-, brakelight, indicator PROTON TWO, E-approved for rear

With a PROTON 3in1 indicator, the illuminant component on the motorcycle can disappear visually.
This indicator is only noticeable when it is really necessary.
The trend towards ever smaller lighting elements makes it possible to give the bike a cool and clean look.
No more oversized light systems from the days of our ancestors.
The next smaller level has been reached and opens up completely new design options for motorcycles. 

A Diameter: 11 mm 
Width: 20 mm
D Depth: 24 mm
Thread: M8, length 18 mm
Weight: 20 g

Yellow = tail light (+)
Red = brake light (+)
Brown = turn signal (+)
Black = Ground (-)

Scope of delivery: 1 pair


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